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    What's WAYLLY? -WAYLLYとは?-

    世界初!スマホケース業界の新たな3トレンド もうくっつくだけじゃない
    トレンド1 くっつく

    1, stick to

    “Stick to” a flat wall anywhere

    As you know, WAYLLY is the next-generation smartphone case that "sticks to" a flat wall, anywhere! The use of a special technology called “Nano Suction” makes it possible to “stick to”!

    This “stick to” function is not only vital for selfies, but also for video shootings, to stick on the ceiling for watching videos, for TikTok, etc. ♪
    How to use WAYLLY’s huge capabilities depends on you ♪
    ナノサクション ナノサクション
    トレンド2 きせかえ
    2, dress up
    You can dress up according to your mood and fashion.
    The main feature this time is the opportunity to change the dress by attaching a design sheet called “Dresser” to the suction pad on the backside of the case.
    So just dress up with DRESSER and enjoy the design of your smartphone case according to your mood and fashion!
    着せ替え 着せ替え

    A full lineup of dress up options
    In addition to DRESSER, WAYLLY offers optional items with various functions.


    By combining these optional dress up items, you can create a smartphone case that suits your lifestyle!

    着せ替えオプションも充実のラインナップMakeup check everywhere
    By using DRESSER as a set it also protects the suction pad.
    Moreover, because the back side of DRESSER is a “mirror”, so it becomes a great utility to check your makeup everywhere!
    トレンド3 耐衝撃

    3, shock resistance
    Even if you drop it, it will be protected with shock absorption
    The new WAYLLY design is thicker than the previous one. We have enhanced it to a shape that has a more durable strength so that it will protect the smartphone even if you drop it.


    Impact resistant design

    The durable and elastic TPU material used on the sides is designed to absorb shocks.


    Double-sided protection design
    In order to prevent damage to the screen, the height is higher than frame of the screen so that the screen does not touch the ground. Directly.

    ストラップホールを搭載 どんな大きさの手にもピッタリ 放熱仕様 本物証明チップ iphone全機種対応
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